Amani Youssef is an entrepreneur, mum and creative director of So Social. So Social is boutique creative agency that has helped over 650 businesses with their branding and visual identity. After graduating from a degree in Media and Communications, Amani began to experiment in graphic design and found her passion. She founded So Social six years ago with the objective of working with businesses to achieve their social media and branding aspirations. As social media has evolved, so too has So Social. Under Amani’s guidance and influence, the agency has grown to a team of 8, servicing small businesses, not for profits and corporations. In addition to graphic design and social media, So Social has expanded to offer other much needed services; from web design to content creations services to social media strategies and account management. Amani’s bespoke approach with her clients has garnered her a following of her own, with So Social boasting over 14,000 followers across Instagram and Facebook. Amani also recognised the growing need for budding business people and seasoned social media managers alike to develop autonomy in running their social media accounts. In addition to her office hours, she delivers regular after hours education workshops. Earlier this year, she was featured on the Sunrise program to talk about So Social and the mark she has made on the social media industry.

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