Purpose Communications

Cormac Sheehan

I’ve personally been featured multiple times in Australian Financial Review, Smart Company, Business Insider, Gourmet Traveller, GQ etc. Sometimes the focus is my own ventures, sometimes client ventures. I’ve had multiple booked-out appearances at conferences, I’ve been the recipient of prestigious industry awards, I've been on heaps of business podcasts and I’ve pioneered various digital trends and had my work featured as Best Practice from a number of Australian universities (University of Queensland / Newcastle / Griffith etc). Why? Because I'm really good at telling stories and getting people interested – you're still reading, right? These talents led to me forming Purpose Communications in 2017. Since then I’ve had a lot of success by doing things my own way. I simply cannot abide “death by committee” – I require a high degree of creative control. When clients trust me, we do great things together. I find that working with startups and small-to-medium biz allows a much higher degree of freedom, and that’s why I have a drastic sliding scale. Depending on the focus, I’ll figure out what remuneration I require in return for the value I bring. Storytelling is at the heart of everything I do. It took me decades to realise that it’s not just “something anyone can do” – it’s a talent and a skill. It works very well – time and again, I’ve demonstrated how for the investment of a 5 figure sum, I’ll bring you back a 7 figure sum. As my expertise in marketing and communications grew, my experience in business grew. You can see the details below or on the Purpose Comms site. As my client base grew, I found myself consulting not just on marketing & communications, but on “growth hacking” and business strategy in a wide variety of areas – natural food and organics, health and fitness, video games, board games, alcohol, legal cannabis, the music industry, and social endeavours around youth, finance, indigenous Australia, homelessness and DV. I have a deep respect for data; I excel at forging a clear path between the endless data available and the best strategy to achieve rapid impact. With a talent for translating complex ideas into clear concepts (again: storytelling), my approach favours agile and disruptive guerrilla tactics to achieve substantial ROI for minimal cost. I rapidly generate holistic growth strategies and I’m always thinking three steps ahead – e.g., where you need to be in 2-to-5 years. I love bringing my unique talents to worthy areas. Don’t be afraid to get in touch – if your idea, project or organisation is cool, I’ll work with you.

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