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The billion dollar agricultural company Ricegrowers Limited (NSXA:RGWB), trading as SunRice, has awarded agricultural and logistics system experts Agtrix an extensive contract. Agtrix will innovate and automate the way SunRice do business to transform their agricultural systems, focusing on adding services and product offerings to increase on farm returns, and the productive capacity of SunRice growers.

SunRice, known for their modern and progressive agricultural management, contracted Agtrix to introduce a spatially based (GIS) electronic system. Agtrix will develop and implement data driven products and services to significantly increase farm returns from rice farming enterprises for SunRice growers.  The Agtrix systems will allow SunRice the ability to forecast their crop better, track their products right back to the seed source, provide more targeted extension advice and help their growers improve their on-farm returns. 

Agtrix’s system uniquely covers the whole supply chain, and will support SunRice in meeting the global demand for sustainably produced, clean, high quality food products, as well as providing traceability of their products right back to the field it was grown in. A key factor in the success of Agtrix’s systems is that they are built upon spatial (mapping) technologies from the ground up, allowing them to integrate and relate data coming from a wide variety of sources outside their own network, such as GPS tracking of vehicles, satellite imagery and weather services.

The Sunrice contract is currently in Phase 1 (approximately 12 months) of a multi-phase project and includes software and training project management.  This phase covers managing the crop from seed ordering through to harvest, including SAP ERP integration, with an easy turn-key process.

Future work will focus on improving the visibility of tracing the inputs used in growing rice, targeting extension to growers based on the variety and stage that their crop is at, and improving the harvest and delivery process to reduce losses and make the best use of the resources available. Agtrix will implement systems already being used in production in various industries around the world to meet the specific needs of SunRice. Agtrix currently provides visualisation and benchmarking of the majority of harvesters in the Australian sugar industry, as well as for the inbound supply chain of industries in Africa, United Kingdom and Philippines. 

SunRice has pursued a strategy of commercial resilience and sought competitive advantages, particularly in technology. This has successfully increased grower and shareholder returns as a result with group revenue being an impressive $1.1 billion for 2017/18 (  Agtrix is honoured to be a part of the SunRice success story and developing new innovations.

About Rice in Australia

Rice is important to Australia, being Australia’s third largest cereal grain export, and the ninth largest agricultural product, generating around $800 million in export revenues in an average crop year.   Following its establishment as a co-operative, in 2005 SunRice converted to a company structure adopting a lean, focused management agenda, and continually seeking to improve growing and milling processes for greater production efficiency and profit.



About Agtrix

Agtrix is a trusted company in agricultural management since 1995, and it now operates in Australia, Asia, Europe, England and South Africa, and has formed a strategic partnership with an USA firm. This partnership will cover North and Latin America, making Agtrix one of the most successful agricultural software firms in Australia. All of Agtrix software is inherently spatially (GIS) enabled, securely cloud based and users can access their data on desktops, Web browsers and mobile devices. Agtrix systems include planning, tracking and scheduling of harvesting and hauling of several crops for just in time delivery to processing plants.

Agtrix provides 24/7 support, manages the systems integration, change management and training, and has industry awards for its products as it delivers comprehensive, accurate and meaningful information from BIG DATA. Currently Agtrix has several of its experts deployed in the global field managing installations, including new sites in South Africa and the Philippines – where supply chain scheduling to minimise product deterioration is essential.

 SUNRICE CONTACT: Matthew Gerber,, SunRice Head of Corporate Affairs,  +61 2 9268 2000  

AGTRIX CONTACT: Stuart McRae,, General Manager, +61 2 6680 1309

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