Australian Philanthropist recognised for her leadership work guiding entrepreneurs locally and in underdeveloped countries.

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Sydney, Australia, 17th September 2021, Cathy Dimarchos, an award-winning business advisor, mentor, coach, counsellor and an indefatigable philanthropist. 

She works with leaders locally and internationally as a professional advisor, coach and motivational voice.

Cathy says: “We can all contribute to lifting the baseline of people across the world, one person at a time. I founded Solutions2you so that I can serve others and leave a lasting imprint in our world.”

Cathy developed the Raise the Baseline Project which will see her launch Leadership Programs here and in underdeveloped countries starting in Tanzania in October this year, a place where she has volunteered since 2014. She is also certified as a trainer in the 4 stages of Psychological Safety.

Cathy dedicates her time to perfecting a combination of people, business and situational skills. Her values take centre stage and business becomes honest and expressive. She believes that knowledge exchange leads to self-reliance with effective and sustainable outcomes. 

Her Advisory services extend to new and established entrepreneur’s, teams and large corporations and supports people to become anti-fragile in a world that is forever changing, stretching their boundaries. 

Cathy adds: “When we rise, it is important to also lift those around us. I want to “show” people (not teach or tell them) how to create a business with purpose and passion that could enable them to lead the life that they deserve. Purpose and passion can achieve a great deal and once you have set your mind on what your end goal is, you can achieve anything. These beliefs and outlook have enabled me to think limitlessly.” 

Cathy has also been announced as a Finalist in the Women in Finance Awards for Small Business Advisor category and also for Principle of the Year and is a Finalist in the Corporate Leader Awards as a Kind Leader 

Cathy received a Bronze Award in the AusMumpreneur Awards 2021: Woman Will Change the World Awards. 

Cathy's book Same People, Different Vision launches on the 17th of September 2021.

Cathy concludes: “Same People, Different Vision was written at an unprecedented time across the globe, knowing that people were not only facing changes through the Pandemic, but also in their personal lives. 

For me it was during the time my father passed away whilst also caring for my mother who suffered her own trauma and needed time to heal as we moved her in to live with us. It allowed me to look beyond my personal situation and focus on how I could contribute on a bigger scale to some of the work I had been doing in Africa.

This book is for leaders who are ready to shift their lens in life and in business and to lead with a commitment to serve those who they are responsible for. When we engage in business in a way that looks to support and elevate others, we become open to differences. We discover opportunities that are hidden, yet in front of us.

Being future focused and developing leaders today so that we may shape a better tomorrow is my contribution to paying things forward, it is a roadmap to raising the baseline across the globe.”


Same People, Different Vision 

Subtitle: Developing leaders of today to shape a better tomorrow 

RRP: $24.95

Media copies of the book are available. 

Please get in touch to request an interview, op-ed or media copy of the book Same People, Different Vision.

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